Martin Rundle

MFR Fire Safety Consultant

After 35+ years in the Fire Service I formed MFR Fire Safety Consultancy

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Isle of Man Fire Safety Consultancy Services

During my 35 years experience I have seen property destroyed by fire and many lives taken by fire, some of which may have been avoided if certain or additional fire safety measures had been introduced.

So on my retirement from the Isle of Man Fire & Rescue Service, I decided to set up MFR Fire Safety Consultancy with the priority to help businesses comply with their statutory requirements.

I can provide your company with experience of Fire Certification, the Management of Health & Safety Regulations and the Fire Precautions (Flats) Regulations 1996 and assist with plans for planning applications.

  1. Written Fire Risk Assessments

    I will provide a full inspection of your property, a detailed written report of all fire safety measures that are in place, provide concise detailed improvements that may be necessary to enhance the safety of persons within the building and to the property.

  2. Courses for Fire Wardens

    I will deliver a detailed and informative course on the best practices to be carried out and the responsibilities of the Fire Warden in the event of an emergency or fire.

  3. Staff Training on the use of Fire Fighting Equipment

    Where practical within workplace surroundings I will deliver in-house training on the different types of fire fighting equipment and their correct usage.

  4. General Fire Safety Recommendations

    I will provide informative and practical fire safety solutions or recommendations for all types of property/businesses (i.e. shops, offices, flats).

Why Choose MFR?
  • 35+ Years Fire Service Experience
  • 12+ Years Fire Safety Inspection Experience
  • Fire Protection Association Member
  • £1m Public Liability Insurance
  • £1m Professional Indemnity Insurance
FPA Member 2011